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This interview took place at RAADfest 2017 in San Diego, CA., on Saturday, August 12.
Thanks so much Liz for being so open, wise and touchy.

Presenting my own website at the Annual Transhumanist Summit “Transvision 2017” in Brussels, Belgium (Nov 2017).
Thank you José Luis Cordeiro for introducing me the way you did it.

Conversation with Gennady Stolyarov, Chairman of the US Transhumanist Party. It took place during RAADfest 2018 (Revolution Against Aging and Death Festival) celebrated in San Diego, CA between September 20th – 23rd. We covered political issues as well as a brief review of the current state of several emerging technologies.

Presentation during the Transvision 2018 that took place in Madrid between October 19-21, 2018. The title of the talk: Estado actual de la Industria de la Extensión de la Longevidad.